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Benefits of Availing Import-Export Consulting Services

If your business is into availing import-export services, you might be aware of the numerous risks associated with the process. There can be risks in transportation wherein goods are lost, there is a risk of quality, there can be risks of delivery and exchange risk of different currencies are involved. While handling the risks one must ensure all the logistics are taken care of. The entire process can therefore be challenging and stressful, which is why you need a customs consulting service. 

There are several ways in which a customs consulting service can help. Below are mentioned 5 reasons why you must avail import-export consulting services. 

1] Potential cost saving 

Every business wants to save expenses wherever possible. Customs consulting services seek to reduce your costs and get you an affordable deal. They ensure imports and exports are rightly classified thereby saving you from potential fines and penalties. Additionally, they consider your past trades and figure out the areas where you are overspending, thereby assisting you to save. They are more affordable than hiring in-house professionals as the task gets outsourced without commitment of monthly payments. 

2] Saves time on labour intensive tasks 

Auditing is no easy task and errors in paperwork can not only hamper your trade but can also incur heavy penalties and punishment. Paperwork is often very time-consuming and arduous. With other tasks to handle, you do not want to take up the additional load of auditing, which is why hiring consulting services is important

3] Customs compliance support 

One of the greatest complexities you will face when dealing with import or export is licensing, permissions, determining entry ports and compliance paperwork. ITN number or Internal Transaction Number is one of the most vital components that ensures all the laws are complied to. It is a number unique to each shipment and implies the AES has accepted Electronic Export Information and has it on record. Presence of ITN number on your documents is an indicator that all the customs are met. Several consulting services provide ITN number so you do not have to struggle with the procedure of attaining it.  Clearit itn number for instance is received with the simple process of creating an account, submitting request for clearance following which agents process your shipment and generate the number. 

For a smooth processing, you just can’t go at it alone, so avail the consulting services, convey your need and sit back as your order gets delivered!