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Blackstone Griddle Launched by BBQs 2u Makes Outdoor Cooking More Easy

For decades, people have supported the fun event with barbecues and the related equipment, but each time it seemed like something was missing. While some family members are grilling outside, the rest of the family is still in the kitchen preparing various dishes. 

Blackstone has understood this and launched Griddle models that allowed everyone to prepare food outside making the best outdoor cooking experiences for families or large groups. 

Blackstone Griddles and accessories are recently launched in the UK and BBQs 2u will be getting the stocks first since they are an approved Blackstone dealer. 

Blackstone’s latest Griddle model comes with an air fryer and considering that purchasing a Blackstone Griddle is similar to investing, doing so from BBQs 2u assures customers that they are in good hands. 

BBQs 2u is one of the top independent retailers of Kamado Joe, Napoleon grills, and Ooni pizza ovens. This is a family-run business that has been selling barbecues since 2002. As a result, they are extremely passionate about grilling and barbecuing. They are always willing to share their extensive knowledge of grilling with their clients.

To provide their clients with a lifetime of enjoyment and wonderful cuisine, BBQs 2u is also the first to obtain the latest stocks of Blackstone Griddles and accessories in Jan 2023. Pre-order a Blackstone Griddle with an air fryer at and enjoy cooking anything outside with loved ones and friends.

Unlike normal kitchen appliances, the Blackstone Air Fryer Griddle Combo is unique. With this integrated device, you can cook on a griddle and an air fryer in the same place, and that too outdoors. There are so many delicious recipes that can be cooked with an air fryer. 

The cooker’s temperature range and cooking options are advantageous for both cooking meat and veggies. Usually, the air fryer doesn’t need any more oil to cook food. Therefore, air-fried foods can unquestionably be healthier than those prepared using more conventional techniques.

The new Blackstone air fryer griddle, however, has a benefit over the majority of air fryers.
The entire setup, including the air fryers integrated into the griddle, lives outside on your patio. There is no complicated control panel in the Blackstone Griddle. 

Users just need to plug in the power, turn on the convection oven’s fan and ignite the dedicated burner using the recently upgraded ignition mechanism and they are ready to cook anything. 

The dial on the griddle’s front panel can be used to control temperature. The temperature range is roughly 325F to 450F, which is a good range for almost any recipe. It is not only the heat source that identifies the Blackstone fryer differently from other products but users love the capacity that the model has to offer.

Blackstone products are designed according to the latest technology and innovation with the main focus being on their customers and well-designed quality products that could offer the best results. 

Buying Blackstone Griddle with an Air Fryer from BBQs 2u guarantees customers will receive the best product as well as the necessary accessories allowing them for a wonderful and comprehensive outdoor cooking experience.