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How Many Months Of Current Affairs Should We Study For The UPSC CAPF (AC) Exam?

UPSC or Union Public Service Commission conducts one of the most prestigious exams, which is the center of attraction for many candidates, namely, CAPF. But it is not as easy as you think. Across India, many of the aspirants are frequently trying to crack this highly competitive exam but are in vain. So, first, know what is the root cause of the problem? Well, the answer is very simple. The lack of the proper strategy for the UPSC CAPF AC preparation for the exam and execution is the main cause. Now, the question is, how can we resolve this? TO help you, BYJU’s Exam Prep experts have prepared the best UPSC CAPF preparation tips!

The systematic and comprehensive learning methods can ensure zen percentage success possibility. Basically, a handful of seats are only available in the UPSC CAPF, but the number of candidates who apply for the post rapidly increases over time. Every candidate should understand that there is no shortcut available for the aspirants to crack the exam. But your smart work can help you achieve your dream job.

Current Affairs For CAPF

If you appear for the UPSC CAPF examination, you have to face many questions about current affairs. You should prepare the current affairs for around 12 months. The sources of reading current affairs are mentioned below.


The Indian Express/ The Hindu newspaper is the most reliable and suggested for economic, social, and political issues. If you want to attempt all questions about current affairs, then you should read the newspaper daily and highlight the incidents and events.

Monthly Magazines:

The candidates should follow the monthly edition of the Yojana or any other current affairs magazines for the current monthly affairs. The candidate should focus on sports, science, culture, economic news, factual national news, and international news. Apart from this, you should follow up on defense sector news such as defense technology, exercise, recent appointment, defense contracts, and defense initiatives.

Then come to the award news. It is the most vital part of the UPSC CAPF exam. So, follow award sector in current affairs.

Rajya Sabha TV:

For a better understanding of socio-Economic issues, candidates should watch Rajya Sabha TV on a regular basis. Apart from this, they should follow the press information bureau regularly. The candidate should follow the recent budget and economic survey in detail.

Important Tips For Preparation To Attempt CAPF Mock Test

Let us here take a look at some of the general exam preparation tips that you should always keep in mind.

  • Time Management: So, time management is very much important in the exam hall or before the exam. Before going to the exam hall, increase your speed and accuracy. Thus, it is possible to get through the exam.
  • Proper Time Table: The first step is the timetable. If you want to crack the exam, it is very much important to set a timetable according to which you will study. This is called time management. Apart from this, you should save time as much as possible, like you cannot waste your time on a subject that is not in your syllabus. Know the syllabus and then study.
  • Mock test: Mock test helps to know where your position is right now. So, always try to give a mock test and practice yourself based on the scoring.
  • Regularity In Studies: Do not procrastinate. You cannot clear this exam with 1-2 weeks of study, as we have repeatedly mentioned. You need to put consistent effort if you actually want to get through the exam.


Current affairs are a vital part of any competitive exam which carries a lot of marks. If I talk about UPSC CAPF, then-current affairs play a vital role. Candidate should learn current affairs recent one years for better result.