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I Was at Fault in a Car accident – Am I eligible for compensation?

Accidents can be traumatic and can create an impact on your life, mainly if an accident resulted in an unfortunate death at the spot itself. Although accidents usually occur due to another person’s negligent act, the driver at fault can also become a victim if the accident was severely hit. In such cases, it might be unclear if the compensation is eligible for him. Hence, a person who gets injured and incurs loss due to his fault in an accident is advised to contact a Houston car accident attorney who can provide lawful advice on what can be done effectively.

Although if you are fully responsible for causing a car accident, you cannot expect a settlement as compensation for the losses incurred no matter what since the impact was created by your negligent act only, and the other person cannot be held liable by law.

Usage of comparative negligence law:

There is a chance for the driver at-fault to gain a fair settlement through compensation if he can prove that the accident was caused by both the parties or partly by the other party as well. If he could do it, then the compensation for the losses incurred can be split, and both the parties will receive a claim from each other’s insurance company directly under the comparative negligence law.

If you cannot produce any evidence or statement from the other party claiming that the accident was partly caused by them, too, then you may not be entitled to receive compensation. Seeking an attorney’s help and building a powerful defense with all the relevant evidence can help, but you should be able to justify that the at-fault driver’s injuries were caused by the other party. 

If not, the court may not consider the claim, and the at-fault driver would not be compensated. Although it is pretty hard to get a settlement when the fault is on your side, it is not impossible to get compensation. Hence, if you come up with effective defense strategies using details from the accident zone, then there are chances that you can hold the other person liable for the injuries. 

Therefore, if you caused an accident and suffered injuries from the same accident, getting in touch with an attorney is helpful since he will ensure that you are also compensated legally or bring the comparative negligence law into action.