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Major Injuries Caused By An Electric Shock

Electricity is a necessity in a human household. We use it for multiple purposes like entertainment, cooking, cleaning, etc. However, with such high electrical power consumption, we must also inhibit more responsibility for using it and ensure our and the safety of our loved ones while doing so. While the electrical wires have a different level of voltage, which can result in various injuries, if the voltage is higher, the wound will be much more severe and even fatal. Not everyone is a master of electronics or electricity. However, everyone must learn preventative measures to avoid electrical shocks and fuses. 

Going through an electrical shock is a traumatic experience. Whether it is a mild shock or something that caused you severe damage, you must seek compensation for the injury sustained in the accident. So call a Personal Injury Attorney in Philadelphia, PA, today and ensure you get compensated for all the losses.

Major injuries caused by an electric shock

  • Electric shock 

One of the most common injuries that victims face is an electrical shock. The electrical shock can be mild or severe depending on the current-voltage. While the mild shock might not cause a significant injury or sometimes not even feel anything, however, it is vital to take immediate action against the source of the electrical shock and ensure that it does not happen in the future. 

Not paying attention or being ignorant of such mild cases results in severe accidents by electricity, such as death or paralysis due to electrical shock in the victim. A common issue a person foreign from electrical shock faces are ununiform heartbeats, not benign ability to breathe, and constant or frequent muscle spasms.

  • Electrical burns 

When a person suffers from an electric current, the skin burns as the current flows through a particular part of the body. This result is to several electrical burners later, which can only be removed by surgery. Sometimes the person also develops permanent disability due to damaging some muscles while the current flows through them. 

Even though electrical burns are seen more in high voltage shock cases, there are high chances of developing them in a domestic electrical setting if the current flows through the body for more than a few sections. 

  • Losing muscle control 

If a person goes through a severe electric shock, they might get frequent muscle spasms that are highly painful. These spans are painful and traumatic enough to break or dislocate their bones or joints, causing a permanent disability for the person to control their muscles for movement. For example, someone working on a height may fall off without fault.