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Teaching your Dog Not to Bark at Stranger

Your dog barking a lot at others can be embarrassing sometimes. It is worrying if your dog shouts at every new face they see on the road. While it could be a reason for them simply trying to protect us, but you have to do something to let them calm down and train them not to ark at strangers. Most people aren’t afraid of dogs who wagtail at them but of those who straight up bark.

Why dogs can bark at strangers?

Before you control their barking, you must know the reason why do your dogs bark at strangers. The most common reason for dogs barking at a stranger is.

Territorial: All dogs are territorial by nature and mark their territory, they try o show dominance if somebody tries to enter their territory. They see strangers as. A threat and thus bark at them asking them to leave. When they only bark at a stranger once they come to your home or try to come near you, it is a sign that they are being territorial. You can find Low budget Pet Grooming services for your needs.

Excitement: Another reason for barking could be the excitement they are getting from meeting a new person. Dogs are excited animals and some breeds like Labrador get too excited when they meet a new person. They are socially trained to be like this and you slowly teach them to be calm or they even might start jumping on the strangers.

Fear: It can be due to lack of socialization, if your dog isn’t allowed to meet others at an earlier stage, they will react to a new person in ways not expected.

How to get your dog not to bark at Strangers?

Now that you know the possible reasons for barking, you can also control them. Here are training methods to put this annoying habit to rest. You can Book affordable pet boarding near your home.

Ignoring the bad behavior

You must make your dog realize that what they are doing isn’t acceptable. Practice this with the help of your friends and train them not to bark.

Walk Away

If your dog isn’t understanding the best thing is to walk away and do not give them the attention they want by barking. When do they know they cannot be rewarded by barking? Repeat this process again and again until your dog learns.

With these methods and knowing the reason, you will be able to control the behaviour of your dog.