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The importance of proper maintenance of the polished floor

Most professional floor sanding experts require a three-step approach to polished concrete floor maintenance to restore a polished concrete floor to its former glory. In general, every 2-3 years a polished concrete floor will require professional maintenance with regular traffic and weathering. Keep in mind that this time frame is an estimate that may be extended or shortened based on the amount of traffic and weathering along the floor surface. The three-step maintenance process for a polished concrete floor includes:

Restoration to remove any stains or spills Protection against future stains and additional wear, and Maintenance to restore the floor to its original lustrous finish.

As a polished concrete floor owner, the time between professional maintenance can be extended by taking proper care of the floor surface. This includes cleaning up any spills or stains immediately, removing large dirt from the surface by hand, and using a microfiber dust mop to clean up any dirt left behind to prevent surface abrasion, which will reduce the shine of the floor.

Polished concrete floors are durable and long-lasting by nature, but they are not maintenance-free. Following a regular daily cleaning and maintenance schedule will ensure that your polished concrete floors stay shiny and new for as long as possible.

How to shine on polished floors

One of the key elements of a professionally polished concrete floor is gloss and shine. A polished concrete floor should have a spectacular shine, but when wear and tear begin to reduce the shine, you may find yourself looking for a solution to regain that once distinct shine and glossy finish. Many property owners in Austin contact us about how to restore the shine to polished concrete floors. Polished concrete floors that lose their luster over time will generally require professional maintenance to restore the shine to their once-beautiful surface.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to restore the shine to a polished concrete floor, you’re certainly not alone! Regular maintenance can help your floors retain a shine similar to the shine they had immediately after polishing, but regular wear and tear, weather, and feet can reduce the shine over time, as can cleaning floors with the wrong products. Follow these tips to restore shine to polished concrete floors.

Never use harmful chemicals or abrasive solvents to clean polished concrete floors

Before we get into the steps you can take to restore the shine to polished concrete floors, it’s important to note that harmful chemicals, harsh cleaners, and abrasive solvents can etch the surface of a polished concrete floor, leading to loss of shine and damage to the concrete. Surface. Talk to your polished concrete floor specialist about the appropriate cleaners to use on your floors. Things like vinegar, ammonia-based products, and many cleaners are harmful to polished concrete, so it is very important to avoid using these types of products to clean your floor.