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Third-Party Claims In A Car Accident 

Car accidents have become quite common all over the country. On average, 50,000 people suffer yearly car accident injuries and damages. While car accidents are inevitable, there are some things you can implement while driving to avoid the chances of encountering one. 

For example, always focusing on the road while driving, not going over the speed limit, etc.; there are several cases in which two or more parties are involved in a car accident. Sometimes it can be another driver or a passenger. 

If you have been in such a situation where you faced injuries and damages due to someone else faults, contact a Hillsville Auto Accident Lawyer. Third-party claims are tricky, and only an experienced lawyer can help you gain the compensation you deserve. 

However, here are some points you should know about a third-party claim in a car accident. 

How to file a third-party claim after a car accident?

Third-party claims can be tricky and must be handled with responsibility. The most important thing to filing a third-party claim is to collect the official police report of the accident scene. It is necessary to gather evidence for sustained injuries and damages to approve a claim. 

Once you get the report, you must register the case in court. However, to claim the compensation, you have to prove the other party’s fault and that they are responsible for your injuries. 

After that, the court will analyze your case thoroughly before giving the final verdict. 

What kind of losses comes under third-party claims?

While most insurance policies come with a comprehensive claim package, the policy includes personal, third-party, and self-recovery insurance for damages. However, there are specific criteria in these policies. So let us check out the injuries and damages under third-party claims. 

  • The policy includes the treatments for injuries sustained in the accident. 
  • It consists of both bodily injury and personal injury
  • Any long-term disability caused by the accident
  • Mental trauma and stress 
  • Death 

What is the procedure for a third-party claim?

The third-party claims include any medical expenses caused by the accident, bodily or personal injury, permanent partial or complete disability, loss of income, etc. In case of any property damage, the person suffering must submit a report copy that proves all the damages. 

The proof must be an official police report or any other official document. However, if there is a death in the accident, the third-party claim can be used to send the other party to jail.