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Top 9 Tasty Street Food Traveler Should Try While Traveling Yogyakarta

Source: freepik

Are you looking for a good snacking reference in Yogyakarta? You must try the variety of street foods available in this city. Some of the roadside food recommendations below are guaranteed to make you drool and get addicted. Don’t miss it!

  • Gudeg

If Nasi Lemak is your favorite dish from Malaysia, then Yogyakarta you would have no problem with this one called Gudeg, which visually resembles Nasi Lemak. The signature dish served with jackfruit boiled for hours using coriander and spices and wrapped inside banana leaves. Gudeg is usually served along with chicken and tempeh with a coconut flavor that makes this dish savory.

  • Mie Ayam

Mie Ayam is a kind of Noodle dish cooked with rich sauce that has long become one of the best street foods in Yogyakarta. Mie Ayam can be served with topping, you can choose chicken strips and its claws to be added as the topping. If you are not used to eating sweet dishes yet, be ready to get a dash of amazingly sweet and sour flavors mingling into a single delight. This dish is absolutely an appetizing blend of flavors that you cannot miss while in Yogyakarta.

  • Bakso

Bakso or meatballs served with noodles and hot broth is food you can find easily  in every corner of Indonesia, including Yogyakarta. Some stalls serve an excellent mix of Bakso with a fresh taste that will make it unforgettable to you. You will find the mozzarella  Meatballs version served using giant meatballs sprinkled with cheese.

  • Bakmi

Bakmi is one of the comfort foods for the natives of this city. Therefore, when choosing a culinary tour from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, you will realize that Bakmi is always in it. There are two variations of noodles – watery and fried. Both variations contain noodles and eggs stuffed with scallions and chicken.

  • Garang Asem Kudus

If you are looking for traditional snacks in Yogyakarta, you must try Garang Asem Kudus, which is flavored chicken cooked in banana leaves. The chicken before has been cooked with starfruit, coconut milk, spices, and bay leaves to give it a delicious chicken taste. The final result is tender meat with a touch of sour taste.

  • Kopi Jos/ Charcoal Coffee

While in Yogyakarta, do not miss this unique strong black Charcoal Coffee that is so because of the hot charcoal added to your drink. The charcoal is said to bring Javanese acidity without changing the taste. Observe the foaming splash as the charcoal is added to the coffee. Don’t forget to capture the moment and share it on social media!

  • Dawet Ice

Es Dawet, or Dawet Ice is a mixture of rice flour jelly, jackfruit, palm sugar, and milk. Having Es Dawet is just one of the ideal ways to freshen up after a trip to Beringharjo Market. Craving something refreshing to beat  Indonesia’s hot weather? try out hunting for street vendors selling Es Dawet.

  • Sate Klathak

If you plan to skip this Yogyakarta street food, you will probably miss one of the best dishes to ever exist in town. The meat is split evenly on the skewers to ensure proper cooking from all sides. In addition, Sate Klathak is only enjoyed with salt and pepper, unlike other satays that are rich in flavors with the peanut sauce because this is the conventional way of eating Indonesian satay.

  • Leker

Throughout your Yogyakarta culinary tour, you cannot miss the Leker. If you plan a vacation with your loved ones, your children may love this typical Yogyakarta street food even more. You can choose what filling you need for your leker crepes like banana, chocolate, cheese, milk, and more.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Yogyakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.