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Types of doors and their advantages

What is a Door?

The door is a moving mechanism which is more like a barrier made of wood, stone, metal, glass, paper, leaves, hides, or a combination of materials. A door understands the importance of having options when it comes to choosing the right fit for the architecture of our home and interior and exterior decor from the curb through the foyer. Trendy to timeless, understated to elaborate, the door provides a warm welcome. There is a sharp contrast between interior and exterior door. A door has an aesthetic purpose in create Types of Doors

There are many kinds of doors with different purposes. Doors are largely defined by the materials they are made from. Also, door classification varies due to the mechanism and usage. Followings are the classifications of doors:

 Considering Material Used

Wooden Door

Metal Door


Considering the Mechanism & Usage

Sliding Door

Composite Door

Swinging Door

Revolving Door

Types of Door Based on the Material Used

Doors can be classified based on the materials used for making doors. The most used materials for the door are-




Wooden Door

The wooden door is the top choice for the homeowners. It is a premium choice for your home interior and exterior with a rich sense of character and beauty on its own. Many antique doors were made of wood. A wooden door can be custom made which has decorative yet functional design options. Most of the wooden doors open in a swinging system; also it is stained rather than painted because stain is a marketable choice allowing you to show the wood’s natural grain.

Advantages of Wooden Doors

Wooden door has lots of appeal and benefits given below:

Wood is a material that is easy to work with.

Solid wooden panel PVC glass doors are eco-friendly, soundproof, waterproof (suitable for coastal areas).

We can use it as a security door, entry door or a revolving door.

A wooden door has simple installation, smooth surface, master sculpture, and durability.

Metal Door

As the name suggests, metal doors are made of metal. It has a prolonged functional life with high dimensional accuracy and eminent corrosion resistance. It functions as a way to bolt the entrance to a formation and seal the components out. It’s more like a barricade type which can withstand storms and earthquakes. A metal door can be made with a glass kit, louver, fire, and storefront.

Advantages of Metal Doors

Metal door provides the following benefits –

This door is effortless to handle.

It can only be placed on a door frame with durability and easy installation.

Having windstorm resistant components, it can be as aristocratic as a wooden door.

The metal door comes in various forms. Fire rated metal door is a great way to include extra light in a room, providing additional security.

Sheet metal door is a hinged door made of metal fragments with a lock and a lock code.

Real wood texture effects are the reason behind the success of a metal door.