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Water Pollution- A Threat to the Mankind and Generations

Water pollution can be the biggest health hazard to all humans because we drink a lot of water on a daily basis. If the water is impure, we are actually moving toward deteriorating our health. We cannot live without water and hence, we need to ensure that it should be safe for you. It has been noticed that many places have contaminated water such as Camp Lejeune Water. Due to this, many residents suffered and filed cases against the government. That’s why, it is suggested to live in a place, which has fewer pollutants in the environment.

Understanding water pollution

Water pollution comes into play when the stream, river, well, lake or ocean gets contaminated with impurities, which enter the human body and cause several health complications by degrading the quality of water. These impurities are also a threat to the environment and hence, suitable steps should be taken to remove them.

Reasons for water contamination

We all know that water is the universal solvent and hence, anything can get mixed with it. That’s why, harmful chemicals enter the water and cause hazards to the entire mankind. These chemicals may come from crops, agricultural land, industries and waste products. Besides this, if preventive steps are not taken to dispose of the wastes, water gets spoilt and causes serious health issues.

Effects of water contamination on human beings

It is important to learn how water contamination can cause problems in human beings. It can weaken the immunity system and make you sick for a long time. Water-borne diseases are the result of wastes from humans and animals because viruses and bacteria enter the human body through water easily.

It has also been observed that low-income communities are located near water-polluting industries and hence, are at a greater risk of getting infected. Additionally, water contamination can also occur in good societies if it is not checked properly and in a timely fashion. Several laws have also been introduced so that the required steps can be taken if anyone falls sick because of the contaminated water. 

The chemicals such as mercury and arsenic can make the water unsafe for humans and pregnant women also. Infants and fetuses also get affected adversely if the contaminated water is used for a long time. you need to get in touch with your health care provider to know whether the illness is due to water contamination. If he says so, you can file a lawsuit against the system.