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What Should You Remember if You File a Slip and Fall Case?

Anyone of any age can get involved in a slip and fall case. We are moving at our own speed and mindset and suddenly what we experience is a slip or fall. Sometimes, we may get embarrassed because we are grown-ups and falling down can make us look like a fool. Things may not come to your mind at that time and we simply leave the place. After a few days, we might experience severe pain in the body parts. It is suggested not to leave the accident spot and hire one of the best Bakersfield personal injury lawyers

Don’t stand up immediately

If you have slipped or fallen down, you should not get up immediately. It is always good to take your time and have someone see you in this condition. This will help you at the time of filing a personal injury claim and the witness can testify about the incident.

Contact the authority or the owner

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, you should immediately call him and elaborate on the incident. Alternatively, you should ask him to visit the accident spot. If the accident has occurred on public property such as a store, you must get in touch with the personnel and bring it to the notice of the officials.

Don’t make any statement

It is not a good idea to say anything right after the accident. For instance, if you tell them that you did not see the broken property, it will be used against you. You should not admit your mistake because it will hurt your case later on. You should not discuss with anyone such as the authority or bystanders about what has happened except an attorney.

Don’t forget to take photos 

Visuals play a vital role when it comes to winning your case. It is suggested to click photos and record videos of the accident spot. It will help you when you file a lawsuit against the company or the property owner. The judge can have a look at the accident spot as it looked at the time of the incident.

Seek immediate medical attention

You must contact a medical practitioner so that the right treatment can be given. Your medical reports, doctor’s notes and medical bills will play a vital role in awarding you the right compensation.

It is advised to look for an attorney right after the accident.