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What To Consider While Choosing a Suitable New Carpet Padding?

A great quality carpet transfers the space and its workability. The room’s look softens, the noise gets absorbed, and a cozy environment is created. The softness felt under the feet is also great. Choosing the right carpet can be a minefield because of the endless options. You can look for local carpet suppliers or installers on Flooring Domain online directory and choose a suitable carpet and even padding.  

Basics of carpet padding

Choose padding that aligns with your chosen carpet grade as well as your needs. No one desires the padding to wear before the carpet. The padding has to be of the correct type, density, and thickness, suitable for the new carpet. Three main factors will determine the padding’s quality and suitability.

Material type

The carpet manufacturers are aware of the right padding type, density, and thickness for every carpet they produce. When you choose to pad it needs to have the capacity of supporting the new carpet properly. Material types include –

  • Rebonded foam
  • Prime foam
  • Memory foam
  • Fiber pad 

Padding thickness

Thicker padding does not necessarily mean a great option because there are few carpets that work fine with thin padding. Carpet padding thickness must never be over ½ inch. Do your padding research, before blindly agreeing to buy any type of padding upgrade. It is easy to pay a lot for carpet padding. 

Types of Flooring: Flooring Options and Costs – Forbes Advisor

Remember, the thicker the padding, the more the cost. You can use thick padding in bedrooms because foot traffic is low. Using thick pads in high traffic zones like living rooms, stairs, family rooms, and hallways is a bad idea. Using a thick pad in high traffic zones will cause the new carpet to develop waves, wrinkles, and ripples quickly. 

Padding density

The density or weight of the carpet padding must be sufficient for ideal cushioning. Flooring Domain is a platform where all the professionals associated with flooring like carpet suppliers, flooring installers, etc. register. It is a flooring directory that connects local trades with local customers. The residential carpet needs a minimum of 6 lb. padding, which is soft under the feet but an 8 lb. pad offers better support, comfort, and durability. 

A high-density level makes the carpet more resistant to abrasion as well as wear & tear, especially in high traffic zones. Many manufacturers recommend 8 lb. pads as a warranty requirement as it offers better support. Foam pads are weighed in pounds [lb.], while felt, wool, rubber, and synthetic fiber pads are evaluated in ounces. [8 lb. = 128 ounce]

Flooring Domain is a leading directory committed to connecting people with local carpet or flooring companies. If you are unsure about the carpet padding, you can connect with a nearby supplier or installer via this platform and get some recommendations. 

Choosing the wrong kind of padding like a moisture barrier pad for your basement that already has moisture issues is the wrong option. The cost is more but the benefit is low. So, do your homework before choosing a carpet pad.