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Why Are Sheesham Wood Beds The Best Beds Of Today?

Wooden furniture is a symbol of luxury and elegance. Most people prefer wooden furniture as it gives a traditional look to the home and helps live in style. Now coming to wooden beds, there are many types that can be used for our bedroom. Earlier, teak woods rose to fame because of their unique qualities and everlasting nature. Off late, the Sheesham wood bed has gained popularity due to various reasons like exceptional texture, hue, etc. The importance of Sheesham wood beds and their properties are discussed below. You can also take a look at the Wakefit website to find a large variety of Sheesham wood beds for your home.

Hard in nature

Generally, Sheesham wood is hard in nature and does not slip or warp easily. It is ideal to make beds. Beds that make noise might disturb you or your partner while sleeping. These kinds of beds do not squeak and creak in the middle of the night when you roll over. Many furniture makers recommend the Sheesham wood beds as they are strong and sturdy and can hold the weight of your mattress as well as you and your partner sleeping on them.

Has fine grains and great texture

The look of the Sheesham wood is exceptionally good as it has fine grains that are uniform in nature. The shade of the wood varies from deep red to light brown. You can choose the right color based on the interior decor of your room. That’s qualities enhance the wooden bed design which in turn changes the look of your room. The natural texture of the wood brings the tropical forests to your home and gives a sophisticated feel. Nowadays the wooden bed frames also come in modern carvings to match urban homes. These beds shine brightly when polished and give a smooth finish.

Known for its storage options

Since Sheesham wood is very hard, it can be used to make storage beds. These are storage compartments within the bed frame that can be used to store your bedding and other stuff. It is a great relief to those who are struggling with less storage space in the house. You can either open these compartments from the top of the bed frame or from the sides in the form of drawers as per your needs and requirements. The Sheesham wood storage bed is the smartest kind of furniture you can ever buy for your home.

Is considered the carpenter’s choice

As we know, the Sheesham wood is very hard and does not slip or warp easily. This nature makes the wood every carpenter’s favorite choice because they can easily carve plenty of designs on it. You will also have a variety of designs in the market when it comes to Sheesham wood beds. They also come with headboards that have unique carvings on them. You can opt for a traditional or contemporary style based on the style of your bedroom.

Durable and long-lasting

The quality of the bed is so good that it lasts for a lifetime. Sheesham wood is resistant to ticks and termites and you can count on these beds for many years. They are also moisture resistant and do not get attacked by fungi or bacteria. If you are buying a Sheesham wood bed online , you need not worry about investing in another one for the rest of your life.

Fits your budget

Getting a bed that fits your budget frame is most challenging. One has to make sure you get the best deals within your budget. Sheesham wood is comparatively very reasonable in price than teak wood. Most people cannot afford teak wood as it is highly expensive. The next wood that has many qualities similar to teak wood is the Sheesham wood. Opting for these beds is the wisest decision you can ever make.

Easy maintenance

Since the Sheesham wood beds are termite and moisture resistant, there is not much maintenance or cleaning required for the beds. Dusting them regularly will do and no termite treatments will be needed for these beds. Mild polish for these beds will do for an extravagant look and long-lasting shine.


The advantage of the Sheesham wood bed is that it can be made easily to any design and is pliable. They are known for their durability and long-lasting nature. Sheesham wood beds glow when polished and have unique grain patterns that interlock each other. Look for the best kind of Sheesham wood bed for your bedroom online. Ensure the furniture is in good condition before you buy them. They are widely used in many urban and compact homes too. It is very functional and at the same time enhances the aesthetic appeal of your room. So buy a good Sheesham wood bed that suits your bedroom perfectly well.