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Why You Should Book a Corporate Event on a Catamaran in Barcelona

Why You Should Book a Corporate Event on a Catamaran in Barcelona

Are you a company manager or department head looking to bring your team closer together? Or are you searching for a place to celebrate a special date with your colleagues? Then consider the unique and long-standing option of a corporate event on a catamaran. This truly unforgettable experience is not something many people have tried, let alone for a corporate event. Nowadays, it’s quite trendy, as catamaran rental companies in Barcelona offer competitive prices, a wide selection of boats, and a range of additional services.

Many major companies have already tried boat rentals in Barcelona, as the standard corporate event in a restaurant has become tiresome. Instead, you get to spend time on the water aboard a beautiful, spacious catamaran. This type of event will be remembered for a long time and can even help bring your team closer together. In a relaxed and beautiful setting, it’s easier to resolve conflicts, plan for the future of the company, and simply unwind after a challenging year.

Advantages of a Corporate Event on a Catamaran

We’ve identified the main benefits that will help you decide if a catamaran is the perfect place for your professional celebration. Among the advantages are:

  • Affordable price. Believe it or not, renting a catamaran for a few hours won’t differ much from the cost of a restaurant or a nice café. However, it’s important to understand that the final price will include both the basic rental fee and any possible additional services.
  • Comfort and additional services. Modern boats are equipped with everything needed for a celebration, including a banquet hall, a kitchen, and options to hire a DJ or host. Additionally, catering and alcohol can be provided for an extra fee.
  • Capacity. A corporate event on a catamaran is suitable for both small groups of up to 10 people and large departments with up to 250 employees. Reputable rental companies offer a variety of yachts and catamarans, catering to even the most demanding clients.
  • Pleasant relaxation away from work in the fresh air. For one day, each employee can take a break from work and socialize in an informal setting. If desired, you can arrange a boat tour to interesting places or disembark on a beach.

Excellent Corporate Event Offers

Barcelona Boat Rental offers attractive rental terms with a range of services. The company regularly hosts corporate events and similar professional celebrations, so they have established protocols and provide the best service. Their staff includes trained professionals such as hosts, waiters, and support personnel. For many years, the company has maintained a positive reputation and has expanded its fleet with the best yachts and catamarans.

A modern corporate event is not just an annual professional celebration. Many companies periodically invite their employees to relax, and a catamaran can offer a novel experience for each guest. We are confident in this.