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Become a high roller – Tips on moving up the VIP ranks

Online casinos lavish big-spending players known as “high rollers” with exclusive rewards like vacations, bonuses, and personal hosts. Reaching the upper echelons of VIP status provides access to these coveted perks. The criterion casinos use to identify high-value players is how often you fund your player account. Make deposits as frequently as your bankroll allows, even smaller $100 or $200 deposits multiple times a week. This shows consistent engagement versus one large lump sum deposit. Frequent deposits keep you actively playing versus sitting on a huge unused balance.

Boost your average bet size

Casinos track the size of bets you place across slots, table games, and live dealers. To get their attention, start ramping up your average wager. For example, increase your slot bet from $1 to $2. Raise your roulette wager from $25 to $100. This demonstrates you’re willing to put significant money into play. Massive bets aren’t required noticeable upticks in average bets show potential. Stick to playing slots and games with high variance versus low and medium. High-variance slots and games offer less frequent but much bigger wins versus low variance with smaller, but more consistent payouts. Scoring massive wins shows the casino you’re capable of huge bets and profit potential if you become a VIP.

Request VIP status

Once you’ve established frequent, sizable deposits and bets, contact customer support and request a VIP review. Many casinos won’t automatically upgrade you. Asking to be evaluated for VIP status gets you on their radar. Provide details of your deposit activity and willingness to wager higher amounts. As your VIP standing grows, don’t be afraid to negotiate one-off special bonuses like deposit matches, free spins packs, and rebates for playing certain games or days. Let the casino know you’re considering taking action against competitors. Paint them a picture of how much more you could potentially wager with incentives.

Communicate directly with your VIP host

Once assigned a personal VIP host, develop a good working relationship with them. Keep your host updated on your play activity. Ask them what else you need to do to achieve the next status tier and earn more rewards. Share what types of bonuses, promotions, and experiences matter most to you so they can advocate for you. As a new VIP, you’ll gain access to exclusive promotions and bonuses only available to players of your level and higher. Be sure to opt-in and take full advantage of every single VIP offer you qualify for free spins, prizes, cashback, etc. It shows the casino you appreciate the perks and incentives. Learn more about it here –

Provide useful feedback

Casinos rely on feedback from VIPs to improve the program’s features and benefits. When requested, provide thoughtful reviews and testimonials of your experiences, both positive and constructively critical. Your input helps the casino cater to high roller expectations, which benefits you in the long run through upgrades. Don’t hesitate to discuss candidly with your host about what steps you need to take to reach the next VIP level. Ask how much more needs to be wagered or deposited and within what timeframe. Declare your genuine interest in advancing your loyalty status and be willing to commit more of your bankroll.